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How to Stop Being Stupid!

Okay, men. From experience, I know there are many, many times in your life that you desperately want to know how to stop being stupid. Whenever I go stupid in either word or deed, I get ticked off at myself especially if I’ve hurt the people I love.

You need to know how to stop acting stupid or how to avoid saying stupid things. Knowing how to stop yourself from making stupid mistakes, doing stupid things or saying stupid things will help you stop feeling so damn stupid. No promises. Growing means realizing just how dumb we are.

Below are some ways to avoid the tendency towards stupidity.

  1. Stop interrupting when others are talking: Even if you don’t care, pretend the other has something important to say. A mentor of mine once told me he knew when I wasn’t listening. If I replied immediately, I wasn’t listening to him…I was crafting my response while he was talking.
  2. Stop being creepy: Do not send flowers, candy, cards, etc., anonymously! In this day and age of stalkers, your anonymous attention will creep out the object of your affection.
  3. Stop assuming: If you’re under 25, you might not have enough experience to make educated guesses and assumptions.
  4. Stop asking questions without thinking first: Please engage brain before opening mouth lest ye be hung by the tongue.
  5. Always think before you speak: If people think you’re arrogant or dull, the surest way to prove them right is to speak without thinking.
  6. Always consider others’ feelings before you talk: Speaking the truth harshly will neither help the person nor change their behavior. Being right makes the other wrong. No one likes to be wrong. Take the time necessary to ease others into admitting their faults.
  7. If people are hurt or angry when you speak, seek help from someone older: Pain and anger do not lead to understanding and agreement. People will avoid you if you chide rather than lovingly challenge.
  8. Stop being lazy: Walk tall with a spring to your step. Quit shuffling. Get off the couch, put down the tablet or iphone, and do something. People follow others who are going somewhere and not those who are milling around.
  9. Stop justifying: Admit wrongs quickly. Justifying bad behavior merely drives people away. They’re not that stupid.
  10. Stop blaming: Blaming situations, circumstances, and others for your failures causes a distinct gagging reaction among your listeners.
  11. Stop making excuses: Excuse (v.) early 13c., Lack of ability or the discipline necessary to accomplish assigned tasks (my definition).
  12. Stop being distracted: Maintain focus on the assignment given. It’s so easy to be distracted, but it labels one as untrustworthy and flighty. You’ll only be trusted with the most simple of tasks.
  13. Try harder: Rarely do we work as unto the Lord. Determine daily that today you will do the best possible rather than the minimum acceptable. If you do that, you will be noticed and your “star” will rise.
  14. Get more healthy sleep: Dragging yourself into work or class does not endear you to the boss, professor, and colleagues. No one wants to work or associate with someone who looks like they’ve been awake since the last election.
  15. Eat healthier foods with lots of protein and other food groups: They produce the needed energy to get though the day. Good nutrition has benefits. I’ve a friend who is now free from debilitating migraines. Her secret? She changed her diet! It does work.
  16. Learn how to trust people you should trust without letting assumptions get in the way: Every human screws-up. Don’t let occasional disappointment cause you to lose trust in another. Forgive them as much as you hope to be forgiven.
  17. Always think about what happens next or what the result will be: Living in the moment is wonderful when you’re seven; however, it doesn’t work when others depend on your decisions positively affecting their future.
  18. Learn how to pray: If you try to do anything on your own, you’re a fool. The worst song ever sung was, “I Did It My Way.” Rely on God and not your magnificent intellect and ability.

Before you speak, you should find a reason. Be prepared to answer any question of “what purpose does it serve to say/ask that”.

Try these things and maybe, just maybe, others will give you credit for a modicum of intelligence. Otherwise, be prepared to be sized for a dunce cap.


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6 thoughts on “How to Stop Being Stupid!

  1. So and So on said:

    Perhaps the only stupid thing in this post is that the author thought it necessary to use profanity in the beginning. All the rest is good, and should be tought to woman as well as to men.

  2. Sam M. on said:

    I find myself disagreeing with most of this, even though one or two tips from this list are actually good or at least right. Most of the others touched human behavior in a way in which you are setting a standard for sheep (or people who don’t think on their own.) Besides, i found you leaving the main theme as the list ended. Also age does’t determine how wise you are or religion makes you a good person. Thanks 🙂

  3. S. innervision on said:

    I’m sorry, but you nullify everything above when making an arrogant assumption that everyone needs to believe in one god – specifically yours. How an author who has just proved to be stupid himself is able to help anyone else to avoid one’s own stupidness?

  4. rebecca on said:

    Thats a nice story

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